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About Us

SAT – Sociedade de Alumínios do Torrão,Lda was created in April 2004 year of full crisis in Portugal.
We are a company that results from the ambition of three young entrepreneurs, from their experience and long trajectory in the sector of the civil locksmith shop.
With young and dynamic employees in activity.
It brings a new vision on the sector, adding value and quality to the product, giving special attention to the customer and increasing the degree of demand in our services. We offer the best solutions for all types of environments, using the best raw materials of quality adapted to the different requests.
We have at your disposal a team of professionals, specialized, from the commercial area to the technical area, able to respond to your needs.


Our Customers

At SAT we do everything to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Every customer is unique and as such we consider it important to pay close attention to detail.
Turning our materials into the project that the client has idealized is our goal.
SAT aims to satisfy and meet the expectations of its clients, promoting a relationship based on trust and professionalism.
In order to respond to customers’ needs, service levels have been defined, which are constantly revised in order to better adapt to the constant changes created by the market.
Come visit us, and have a service totally dedicated to your needs.

Quality Assurance

SAT offers a service of excellence where everything from the choice of materials to the installation of the same is done with all the professionalism that only a quality company can offer. We work with the best products to create the best projects.
We do everything to prevent errors or defects in manufactured products and avoid problems in delivering solutions or services to customers.
The quality of our projects is notorious, and can be seen through our vast portfolio.
The competence of our employees is the essential key for the continuous improvement of our services, as well as the essential part for the success of our projects, always aiming at full customer satisfaction.

Our Process:

Our Team

Carlos Castro

Sócio Gerente

Carlos castro is one of the founding members of SAT. It is at the moment responsible accounting department, human resources and marketing


José Monteiro

Sócio Gerente

Managing Partner José Monteiro is one of the founding Partners of SAT. He is currently in charge of the commercial department.


João Rangel

Sócio Gerente

João Rangel is one of the founding members of SAT. He is currently in charge of the purchasing and financial department.




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    Rua de Soutelo 112, 4575-324 Alpendorada,Varzea e Torrão
    GPS: N 41.087416 – W 8.278642
    Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 – 18:00